Springbay Seafood & Wine Bar

The Best of Tasmanian Produce Locally sourced and transformed with the exotic tastes of the Orient.
Springbay Seafood & Wine Bar
Our Story

Until recently, I was the Executive Chef at the newly refurbished EastCoster Resort and SpringBay Seafood and Wine Bar in Orford, Tasmania.
 I have documented Rosters of all hours worked and due to lack of resources allowed ie, chefs, needed to fill in the hours the kitchen had to be open, against my documented advice.
All hours worked were known by the GM at the time and agreed to be paid as time in Lieu during the seasonal quiet period. I had accumulated approx 400 hours overtime and as the season slowed down and kitchens openining hours lessened, as well as been given some of my time in Lieu to take a break, I was able to cut back hours owned to just over 350.
My Sous Chef who accumulated 77 hours was given his time in Lieu in full.
We recently had a change in GM and Group CEO and it was made clear that my time on the 2 year contract would be short as they set a different direction for the Resort. A witch hunt took place to find fault although the resort showed improvement in overall sections. I was dismissed and given my notice. I went to the GM informing him of the 350 hours owed, he has copies of Rosters and all information. He informed me to contact the CEO as it was before his take over. I have sent a letter of demand and would like to know if you would take up the story. I belong to several Chef Organisations and this practice of unpaid work is rampant in the industry.
Many thanks for your consideration . I am nearly 60 years old and this period had fatigued and drained me, to the point where I have nearly passed out on several occasions but went on because of no other chefs availability.
My separation certificate states unable to perform the required tasks. I had a full Medical before I started and was fully fit. I am undergoing treatment and tests now.
John Sanza


Please feel free to look over our menus or come into the restaurant for our daily specials  
Local Seafoods
Spring Bay Mussels, Tassel Atlantic Salmon, Spring Bay Fisheries Locally caught Fish are only a few of our local seafood suppliers right on our door step. We invite you to try our Asian inspired Flavours we impart to this wonderful Seafood.
Asian Inspired Sharing Plates
At Springbay Seafood and Wine Bar, we encourage sharing our unique flavours.
Our sharing plates offer the perfect opportunity to taste a variety of dishes at a leisurely pace with matching wines or beers.
Premium Drinks
We have chosen the best selection of local wines, ciders and beers with a large selection of " By the Glass " wines so you can get a true taste of our region.
Springbay Seafood and Wine Bar
Chef recommendations
  1. Seafood Fettuccine
    Seafood Fettuccine
    Local Tasmanian Seafood )Prawns, Scallops, Calamari, Fish) Red Onion, Tomato, Mixed Spices, White Wine, Tarragon Butter, Lemon and Fresh Basil
  2. Slow Cooked Pork Belly
    Slow Cooked Pork Belly
    Served with Kimchi Pancake, Asian Herb Coleslaw and Pickled Red Cabbage
  3. Char-Grilled King Prawns
    Char-Grilled King Prawns
    Local King Prawns Marinated in Lime & Chilli Served with an Asian Herb Salad and a Carrot and Chilli Pickle
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