Springbay Seafood & Wine Bar

The Best of Tasmanian Produce Locally sourced and transformed with the exotic tastes of the Orient.
The Springbay Family
The fact that all the key staff live on the grounds of the Eastcoaster, makes for a family style environment. Family is what the "Springbay Seafood and Wine Bar" is all about. The Asian inspired sharing plates are perfectly matched with the finest local wines to share and enjoy. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional and unique flavours that will have you coming back again and again. We take pride in what we deliver to you and your enjoyment becomes the motivation of why we strive to do better with each visit.
​Thank you for being our guests and feel free to tell us your thoughts and experience at Springbay Seafood and Wine Bar.
Head Chef John Sanza & The Team
Chef John Sanza has been cooking in kitchens all over the world for over 40 years. Clasically trained in Italy and France in the late 70's and early 80's and having grown up " On the Farm" as a child, food and feeding people was always a part of his Sicilian family ways. Having lived and worked in South East Asia he now brings all this experience and passion to the plate. The flavours are unique and intense although never over powering the excellent local produce. The concept of leisurely dining with loved ones, sharing food and wine comes from his roots growing up in a large family.

Sous Chef Dheeraj Khanna [ DJ ]
DJ comes with a wealth of experience working in some of the finest restaurants and cafes in Melbourne. His amazing combinations of spices and herbs brings a new dimension to the already flavoursome food offered at the Springbay Seafood & Wine Bar.

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